How To Instantly Update a Room with these 3 Accessories

Over the years I have seen hundreds of homes and when meeting with clients they are always asking “What can I do to make this room look better?” I have to say that there are three accessories that homeowner’s become blind to. They just don’t see them anymore. By updating these items it can really help to elevate the overall look and feel to the room.
1)The first accessory that homeowners become blind to is picture frames. I have been in homes where there are so many photos stuffed in book cases; on console tables or pianos. I am all for personalizing a home – that’s what makes a home. The issue is the miss matched frames. Gold with silver / silver with wood and frames that are just down right dated. It’s like they have become invisible. Take a good hard look at your picture frames. Some tips for arranging are: Select frames in similar color tones. Vary the size and thickness of frames and group in odd numbers.
2) Another key element in a room that people just don’t see any more is lamp shades. Over time lamp shades get yellowed, dusty, dented and faded. To get the right shade for your lamps it’s a good idea to take the whole lamp to the store to make sure that the new shade fits properly. A good rule of thumb when selecting a shade is: the more simple the lamp base the more ornate the shade can be. If you have an ornate lamp base – the shade should be simple. Lighting is so important in a room. Updating lamp shades is just one way you can take your existing decor from boring to beautiful!
3) Many homeowners are completely blind to this one – unhealthy plants and dated faux plants. Nothing brings a room down more than dying plants or fake plants that are dusty and dated. If you've got ivy perched on top of your china cabinet, armoire, or entertainment unit, please remove it! Using ivy to adorn the tops of things went out years ago. For faux plants if they are more than 5 years old it’s time to retire them. Greenery is a one of the most inexpensive ways to add color, texture and richness to a room. When selecting faux plants you want them to look so real that you have to touch them to see if their fake. Choose a product as close to nature as you can get. Healthy plants and fresh arrangements can breathe new life into a room.

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